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Frequently Asked Questions and Instructions


Ordering Information

The retail price is $14.95

Shipping and handling is FREE until 01/31/2012!

Special: Buy three for $38.95 .......plus free shipping.

Special: Buy 10 for $99.95.....plus free shipping

Lanyard replacement is $2.95 including shipping/handling.

Quantity and ski club discounts available.

General Information

The warranty is one year. The Ski-Amigo is made from bullet proof Lexan and should give you years of service.

Apply velcro pieces to dry skis 1.5 inches from end of tails in the center of tail.

It is easiest to remove velcro backing from the side of the velcro tape.

To remove velcro from your skis place a finger nail under the velcro and grab corner with pliers. You should never have to do this.

Patent Pending

Liabilty limited to the recommended retail price of $14.95

To order, contact your local ski shop or place order on the bottom of this or the Home page.

Contact via email: Theskiamigo@yahoo.com

Call: 516-499-3699

Read on or go to the youtube link below to see instructional video.



The Ski-Amigo attaches in under 10 seconds!

To Pull Your Skis:We supply you with two small pieces of velcro to put on the top of your skis 1.5 inches from the tail end.  This is only done the first time you use the Ski-Amigo.

The 1.5 inches is measured from the center of the Velcro piece to the end of the ski

This gives additional holding power over rougher terrain. We highly recommend you apply the Velcro to dry skis.

You put your skis together as if you were about to carry them.

The ski brakes will typically hold them together.

Many times one ski will protrude further back. Make that ski the one which contacts the Ski-Amigo chassis.

You slide the Ski-Amigo under the tails of your skis against the "wall" the perpendicular part with the V slot.

You then must tightly wrap the self sticking velcro flap onto the velcro on the top ski and the other velcro flap onto the first velcro flap. You are Ski-Amigoing.

The pressure of the self wrap velcro combined with the velcro strip on your skis will keep the Ski-Amigo secured.

You then take the included lanyard and slide the smaller loop over the tips of your skis. Then adjust the bulldog clip down onto the top of your ski.  The other loop becomes your handle for pulling. It can be held in your hand or wrapped around your wrist.

This entire process should take less than 10 seconds.

The Ski-Amigo is made from bullet proof Lexan so it can handle the rough terrain of ski areas.

To Buckle Your Boots

Top two buckles:

Insert buckle through slot at top of Ski-Amigo with the wheels towards the front of the boot.Simple rotate the Ski-Amigo in the direction that the buckle need to close.

Bottom two buckles:

Same as above but because those buckles are shorter you should maintain downward pressure while closing.You are now ready to ski safely and securely to your utmost potential.

Place the underside lip of the slot of the Ski-Amigo under the closed buckle and pull up.
This will release your buckle.


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