Welcome to The Ski-Amigo
"The Skiers Friend"

"Puts Wheels On Your Skis & Helps Buckle Your Boots"
The Ski-Amigo in Action!
The Ski-Amigo helps you to buckle and unbuckle your boots.

Welcome to the Ski-Amigo Website.


The Ski-Amigo makes a great gift and stocking stuffer!

Order them for your family and friends!

Be one of the thousands of folks who have ordered the Ski-Amigo. 

This innovative handy device is truly the skiers friend.

The Ski-Amigo puts wheels on your skis.

Why put wheels on your skis?

-No more sore arms or shoulders from carrying your skis.

-The kids can have fun pull
ing their skis like a wagon using the included lanyard.

-You do not have to carry your kids skis.

-You can pull skis and carry poles with the same hand thus giving you a free limb.

-The Ski-Amigo attaches in under ten seconds!

-Travels great over gravel and snow.

Great for all ages!

This product is loved by moms, dads, children and elders!

The Ski-Amigo Provides Leverage To Buckle Your Boots!
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